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About The Dog Listener (Cornelia Miller)

Hi, I'm Cornelia Miller, founder of The Dog Listener. Growing up in Germany, I remember begging my Dad on a regular basis for a dog. That dream never materialized until I moved into my first apartment when I bought my very first dog from a breeder. A beautiful registered English Cocker Spaniel named Don. I quickly realized I was in over my head when it came to training him. I was successful at teaching him inside manners but that didn't carry over to his outside behaviors. One day, my roommate left the door open and Don made a dash for the door and was fatally hit by a car. My heart was broken and I vowed to learn everything I could about training dogs so this would never happened again. 

After years of reading every dog training book I could get my hands on, I attended dog training classes and earned the designation of "Master Dog Behavior Training Expert".  I truly have a heart for every dog I meet, especially the dogs people have given up on and brought to shelters. I have rescued several shelter dogs over the years, many of which were adopted and returned because they were "untrainable". I have been able to train these precious pets and call them family.


I have successfully taught hundreds of dog owners the difference between dog psychology and human psychology and the role each have in getting the results you are looking for in your dog. 

The Dog Listener Personalized Dog Training business started in memory of my beloved dog Don. Our mission is to help you develop a mutual understanding between you and your pet, because caring for your animal in your home is as much about responsibility as it is about love. Our unique training techniques ensure long term successful results, when followed completely. 


Our Team
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